All you need to know about Domain Names

A domain name is the name used to uniquely identify your institution within the Internet, as well as a named link for publishing digital resources; and can be in the form of your website url (e.g. A domain name is your identifier in the Internet and indicate ownership and control of a resource. Most domain names are registered as .com, .net .org are usually considered as top-level domains (TLDs). Country codes Top level domains (ccTLD) are also Top-Level Domains. For instance, .ke is considered a Top-Level domain. Other generic domains are also considered as top-level domains such as .gov (government agencies), .edu (educational institutions), .com (commercial business), .mil, .org, net (network organization) and .int (treaty).

Below the top-level domains are what is termed as Second Level Domain (SLD) names which are next to the left of top level domains. In, .ac is the Second Level Domain. The Second level domain names indicate the type of establishment, e.g. sc for schools, org for organizations, .com for service.

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